About Solomon

HSB Solomon Associates LLC (Solomon) is the leading performance improvement company for the global energy industry. We provide benchmarking and advisory solutions across the energy value chain, from upstream production to downstream chemical manufacturing.

We value client confidentiality and long-term relationships, and strive to develop and hone the most creative and effective strategies to maximize client performance. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor, improving each operation we assess.

What We Do

Solomon helps clients achieve greater efficiencies, enhanced reliability, and improved margins by realizing the full technical and financial potential of their existing assets and new capital projects.

Today, companies in more than 70 countries rely on Solomon with their most sensitive operational data. This information is the basis for our proprietary, confidential comparative analysis that helps clients identify and eliminate gaps in their performance. Solomon offers clients the unique opportunity to measure themselves against the world’s best performers.

How We’re Different

Unlike other energy consulting firms that settle for generic or capital-intensive approaches (e.g., across-the-board cost reductions or investments in expensive new equipment), we use real-world performance data to pinpoint specific areas where clients can improve performance at little or no incremental cost based on our library of 4,000 industry best practices. Our proprietary data, combined with our patented methodologies, make our benchmarking studies the industry standard.

Guiding clients through our performance improvement process is a team of experts with extensive hands-on industry experience. Solomon consultants average 30 years of experience in operational roles with some of the top energy companies in the world. Only Solomon can help operators identify their best achievable performance.

Pursuit of Excellence™

Benchmarking and advisory services for the global energy industries (exploration & production, refining, petrochemicals, pipeline & terminals, gas processing, power generation, etc.).