Solomon Advisory Services

At Solomon, we don’t just help our clients identify performance gaps — we provide them with step-by-step guidance on improving performance by implementing industry-proven best practices. We help our clients move beyond benchmarking towards high performance.

Unlike other consulting firms, which often rely only on simple or capital-intensive approaches — like capital improvements or such short-term cost-cutting techniques as reducing headcount — Solomon focuses on what it takes to achieve long-term sustainable improvement by maximizing the margins on existing assets at little to no cost.

Our proven process focuses on improving work practices and business processes using our inventory of more than 4,000 industry-proven best practices as our foundation. We know that relying on long-term, low- and no-cost work practice improvements results in a more profitable organization as well as one more able to withstand the unpredictable nature of business.

What We Deliver

  • Quick and Efficient Results: No one can accelerate the performance improvement process like Solomon. Having the world’s largest databases of real-world performance data and industry best practices allows us to dive into your project on day one without the ramp-up required by other companies.
  • No- and Low-Cost Improvement Approach: Anyone can tell you to spend millions to fix your problems, but only Solomon focuses on maximizing your margins by optimizing existing asset performance without major capital investment.
  • Sustainable Improvements: By integrating best practices and the Solomon process into your company’s values, your company can begin to acquire the technical and behavioral changes needed to create a culture of continuous improvement and self-sustaining high performance.
  • Experienced, External Force for Change: Internal barriers are often the most challenging to overcome. Solomon’s third-party independence and unique global view create a powerful, essential force that can help you drive change throughout your organization.
  • Our Experienced Team: Averaging more than 25 years of industry experience, each of our consulting team members provides you with the knowledge that comes from years of experience managing the same types of assets you manage, but with the global perspective of “what good really looks like” that only Solomon can provide.

Areas of Expertise