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Capital Investment Analysis

Q1 Day 1™ services help clients maximize and protect the return on investment (ROI) of their capital project investments.

Using our world-class industry databases, library of best practices, and consulting expertise, we help clients ensure the first-quartile (Q1) or “best-in-class” performance of their capital projects from the first day of operation.

Solomon’s Q1 Day 1 approach enables clients to minimize risk and maximize ROI by ensuring industry best practices are integrated into the design of new plants as early as possible in the planning, development, and reconfiguration process. Q1 Day 1 analysis allows companies to make investment decisions based on life-cycle costs that are extrapolated from the actual operating data in Solomon’s global databases.

Why Choose Solomon for your Capital Investment Projects?

Capital investments, including new plant commissions and equipment reconfigurations, are significant events for most companies, and finding applicable start-up experience in-house can be a challenge. We help clients increase efficiency, reliability, and profitability by defining the technical and financial potential of capital assets.

Capital investment project teams face increasing pressure to achieve “top performance,” but many stakeholders are unclear about what to expect regarding startup and initial performance. Solomon’s Q1 Day 1 methodology helps owners and stakeholders focus on and align themselves with what is achievable in their new facilities through an independent analysis of project designs and practices, leading to an improved understanding of investment deliverables.

How It Works

By comparing expected performance processes to real-world best practices, managers can identify and eliminate gaps and oversights that lead to underachievement of objectives. Every minute and every hour the facility is not operating to its fullest potential puts business at competitive risk and negatively impacts the bottom line.

Solomon takes the following approach to identifying risks, reducing uncertainties, and ensuring alignment to common objectives:

  1. Considering the Long-Term Benefits — As leaders weigh the capital expense and return on investment (ROI) of an investment project, it is important to focus not only on achieving immediate top performance but also on realizing long-term, ongoing improvement. Solomon provides a blend of technical, process, and behavioral recommendations to create the go-forward strategy and culture of continuous improvement that can form the basis for sustained high performance.
  2. Understanding and Applying Industry Best Practices — Solomon has the resources needed not just to facilitate but to accelerate the performance improvement process. Having the world’s largest database of real-world performance data and industry best practices allows our experienced team to thoroughly assess and analyze capital investment projects, then create a best-practices plan to mitigate risk and achieve optimal results.
  3. Identifying Performance Projections — With its worldwide database of industry indicators, only Solomon can make experience-backed recommendations on how to identify and mitigate performance risks. This helps make Solomon’s Q1 Day 1 methodology a valuable and cost-effective approach to maximizing and protecting the return on your capital project investments.

Our mission is to help clients identify improvement opportunities and provide step-by-step guidance toward achieving desired results through the implementation of industry-proven best practices. When it comes to capital investments, our aim is to help clients achieve long-term sustainable results by using our knowledge and expertise to help them achieve high-level, competitive performance that delivers measurable returns.

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