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Performance Excellence Process

Boost your company’s profitability without major changes. 

Energy companies today operate in an increasingly complex business environment of economic cycles and regulatory changes that can be difficult to navigate. However, high-cost, short-term solutions may not spur sustainable, long-term success, including:

  • Cutting costs
  • Reducing headcount
  • Making major capital investments  

Solomon’s Performance Excellence Process™ can provide the innovative insight you need. By systematically evaluating your operational and financial performance as compared with competitors, our experienced consultants can identify “Quick-Hit” opportunities for improvement that can be accomplished within a few months. We then collaborate with you to improve your business processes and work practices.

The Solomon Difference

Solomon has the tools and insight to truly understand your business quickly, without the ramp-up required by other firms. We offer:

  • The world’s largest databases of real-world performance data
  • An inventory of more than 4,000 industry-proven best practices
  • Intimate knowledge of efficient and effective work processes
  • Experienced Consultants – our consultants average approximately 25 years of industry knowledge across a wide range of industries and technologies

We can create and implement sustainable improvements and benefits in the most efficient time period possible.


Participation in Solomon’s performance optimization efforts for your company can result in:

  • Dramatically reduced operating expenses
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Improved profitability

Typical benefits are at least 20 times Solomon’s professional fees in 2 years or less, depending on starting point and functional area. Some clients achieve a rate of return as high as 70:1 or more.

Solving Your Business Challenges

We tailor work to meet your needs, offering from a comprehensive program that examines all aspects of your business, to a study focused on a specific area. Through our detailed analyses, we evaluate the following areas:

Organizational Effectiveness – We focus on improving work practices and business processes, using industry best practices as a foundation to help you create a positive, can-do work culture.

Planning & Optimization – We assess what your priorities should be to ensure that your facilities have the optimization teams, skills, processes, and tools in place for consistently maximizing profitability.

Operations, Technical, and Engineering – We evaluate your current performance versus efficient work processes and best practices. We use these results to drive technical and behavioral changes that result in immediate, positive impacts on profit, and build a continuous improvement culture.

Reliability and Maintenance – We provide insights into overall reliability and maintenance performance, while identifying actionable opportunities to build an effective non-turnaround and turnaround maintenance organization.

Hydrocarbon Loss – We compare your hydrocarbon loss practices with those of leading performers. We then help you reduce hydrocarbon loss through implementation of best practices, training, and no-/low-capital improvements.

Energy Management – We assess current energy utilization and efficiency versus that of leading performers. We aid you in optimizing energy performance using best practices and through no-/low-capital improvements.

Quality Management – We evaluate laboratory management, feedstock quality control, product quality control and quality give-away, underlying work process, analytical methods, and quality control practices versus those of leading performers. We assist you in reducing quality give-away and scaling down the cost of quality control.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Management – We provide in-depth understanding of all aspects of managing carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2) emissions, and help you meet regulatory obligations while highlighting areas where improved CO2 emissions efficiency is possible. We focus on no-/low-capital improvements to address emissions.

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