Solomon Advisory Services

Planning & Optimization

Whether or not you are a Solomon benchmarking client, you can now take advantage of best practices distilled from our senior consultants’ decades of experience in planning, optimization, and scheduling for refineries and chemical plants.

Our planning and optimization (P&O) team derives its analysis and recommendations from a unique understanding of what makes successful operators thrive.

The Solomon team audits your plant’s work processes, tools, and organizational methods over a 2-week period. The team listens, observes, and provides actionable advice based on more than 80 global best practices.

Solomon’s P&O offering is distinct from those of competitors who make textbook recommendations based on management or technical theory. Our insights come from years in the operational trenches – empirical insights that drive real-world results.

Solomon also will not try to sell you software, which is the ultimate goal of many competitors who market planning and optimization audits.