Solomon Advisory Services

Cost of Transportation Fuels

Solomon’s CTF™ services (cost of transportation fuels) look beyond the numbers to answer key questions, such as:

“Is my refinery going to survive this market or the next downturn?"

"How does my refinery rank competitively in my market against imports?”

"What do I need to do to improve my competitiveness within my market?"

And more.

What It Covers

Solomon CTF consulting and forecasting services identify the regions of the world that are the most competitive in producing transportation fuels and which refineries rank as the best in the industry. Solomon CTF services have proven to be extremely effective at identifying "at-risk" refineries and providing clients with the opportunity to solve problems and become more competitive before it’s too late. CTF services consider all the critical factors (e.g., raw material costs, operating expenses, and transportation fuels volume) that drive this indication of industry and market competitiveness.

Let Solomon evaluate and rank your refinery’s competitiveness in this vital aspect.