Solomon Advisory Services

World's Best Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units

Solomon’s World’s Best Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Units Research Analysis report looks beyond the numbers to answer key questions, such as...

  • What separates World’s Best performing FCCs from the rest?
  • Should I be extending my turnaround intervals?
  • How critical is feed selection in my FCC’s performance?
  • What about catalyst; will it make a difference? And more…

What It Covers

The FCC report shows what it takes to achieve World’s Best performance. Obviously, optimizing an FCC is a complex business, and the optimum operating point for one FCC is not the same as that for every other. So, Solomon drew from its inventory of best practices to offer a starting point for leveling the playing field for all FCC units, focusing on reliability, turnarounds, and optimized conversion unit yield and unit gross margin.