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World's Best Refineries

Learn what sets the World’s Best refineries apart from the rest, and how you can improve your performance.

The World’s Best Refineries report looks beyond the benchmarking numbers of the Worldwide Fuels Refinery Performance Analysis (Fuels Study) to examine a special group of refineries—World’s Best Peer Group. The peer group identifies refineries that were the best at the “business” of refining over three study cycles. 

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Financial and operating metrics evaluated

To accomplish this objective, Solomon evaluated key refinery financial metrics together with key operating metrics using a balanced scorecard approach to avoid too much of a focus on operating costs. We also considered regional economic environments to avoid penalizing a refinery for its location.

The 2012, 2014, and 2016 studies each include data from more than 320 refineries, representing approximately 85% of the world’s refining capacity. To be considered for this analysis, a refinery had to attain first or second quartile performance in four Solomon metrics over three consecutive Fuels Study cycles (2012, 2014, and 2016 studies):

     •   Operational Availability (OA)                                        •   Energy Intensity Index™ (EII®)
     •   Maintenance Cost Efficiency Index (MEI™)              •   Return on Investment (ROI)

The screening process resulted in a World’s Best Peer Group of 11 refineries, which includes four refineries from North America, four refineries from Europe, and three refineries from Asia. Seven of the 11 World’s Best Refineries in 2016 would have qualified for the World’s Best Peer Group going back 14 years to the 2004 Fuels Study.

What’s included in the written report

  • Executive Summary
  • Selection Process
  • Characteristics of World’s Best Refineries
  • Performance of the World’s Best Refineries
  • Key Solomon Performance Metrics
  • World’s Best Refinery Conclusions
  • The Path Forward
  • Terms & Abbreviations

What’s included in the on-site presentation

A half-day with expert Solomon staff for formal presentation, discussion, and Q&A on key performance factors for improving your results.

For prior participants, at an additional fee, client-specific data can be added to charts and graphs.

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