Solomon Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services

Solomon’s Transaction Advisory Services help clients assess the risks and opportunities of facility acquisitions.

We help clients thoroughly assess the viability of new and existing energy facilities and projects located throughout the world. Scope includes pre-acquisition, transaction, and post-acquisition support. Solomon’s expertise extends well beyond the technical due diligence required to evaluate the asset being examined to include the following:

  • Asset valuation–based analysis of cash flow and recent comparable sales
  • Estimates of profit potential with no-/low-capital expenditures
  • Due diligence support teams
  • Development of acquisition strategies and targets
  • Negotiation support

Why Choose Solomon to Help Assess Energy Facilities and Projects?

By leveraging industry-best, experienced consultants and tapping one of the largest real-world operational performance databases, Solomon is specially equipped to assist clients in the acquisition or development of energy facilities and projects.

  • Experienced Consultants – our consultants average approximately 25 years of industry knowledge across a wide range of industries and technologies.
  • Deeper Analysis – deeper assessments of the asset and its equipment classes can be performed using Solomon’s world-class benchmarking tools and databases, including Comparative Performance Analysis™ (CPA™), Performance Improvement Opportunity Assessment, and Q1 Day 1™ services.
  • Breakdown Data – we have access to the world’s largest equipment breakdown insurer database, that of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB).

How It Works

Utilizing an inventory of actual industry operating data and best practices combined with the experience and expertise of Solomon consultants, Solomon can critically evaluate operational performance with confidence to identify pitfalls and upsides in the following areas and more:

  • Technology evaluation
  • Organization design advice
  • Operations & Maintenance budget development
  • Operability & Reliability
  • Financial modeling
  • Capital project review
  • Plant design benchmarking
  • Data Room information review
  • Plant performance review
  • Profit improvement opportunities

Solomon brings unparalleled depth and breadth to the transaction advisory process by combining real-world performance data with hands-on operational and equipment expertise. Whether the need for a transaction is tied to the acquisition of an existing facility or an investment in a new facility, Solomon provides valuable advice to potential buyers at every stage of the transaction.

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