Solomon Advisory Services

Coal Bed Methane Advisory Services

Solomon developed its Coal Bed Methane Advisory Services offering to help operators of coal bed methane (CBM) fields improve their operating practices. Many operators who are new to CBM production start off using conventional well spacing/completion and artificial lift practices. However, they often find that these practices result in impaired productivity or excessive downtime. Better operating practices allow CBM field operators to increase production uptime and effectively manage expenses.

Our approach to assessing CBM operations begins by examining the current CBM operating cost structure (or the operating cost plan for fields in early stages of development) to identify areas where performance falls short in comparison with other CBM fields. A field audit of practices then identifies or confirms where “tried and tested” field practices could be introduced to improve performance.

The Solomon team has developed a “roadmap” for improving the cash flow and resource management of fields. A variety of project scopes are available, each employing different combinations of benchmarking, field audits, improvement recommendations, and life cycle operations planning.

Why Choose Solomon Upstream?

The drilling and production of gas from coal beds is an unconventional process. Different classifications of coal seams have different gas and water production profiles. At Solomon, we advise clients on the use of operating practices already being used successfully by coal bed methane operators worldwide. We work extensively with operators managing large-scale (>1,000 wells) rapid developments. Our expertise helps you develop and initiate production from coal bed gas reservoirs more quickly and effectively.

How It Works

Solomon’s Coal Bed Methane Advisory Services help clients implement successful field work practices that have been “tried and tested” in coal bed gas basins worldwide. Our methodology includes the following:

  • Recommend operating practices for the full life cycle of coal bed methane gas production, from wellbore design and completion practices to the de-watering process. These practices cover solids management, artificial lift, water handling, and field compression.
  • Measure current operating expenses, identify operations performance gaps, and recommend changes to operating practices to reduce gaps.
  • Forecast future operating costs and recommend appropriate changes to equipment design and contractor services as production matures.