Solomon Advisory Services

Elevating Operations Performance

Solomon’s Elevating Operations Performance services help you improve field operations by identifying sustainable opportunities for increasing volumes, reducing field operating costs, improving uptime reliability, and reducing environmental impacts. We believe upstream operations teams can transform their production efficiency by committing to identifying, prioritizing, planning, and implementing improvement ideas.

Why Choose Solomon Upstream?

Teams working with Solomon realize between 5 to 15 percent improvement in operating costs, together with increased production volumes — representing tens of millions of dollars annualized.

Our specialists support the field operations teams with proven methodologies and analytical tools that help drive improved management practices. These include product and workflow analysis, relevant technical methods and procedures, and sound project and change management controls.

Tangible results include a roadmap for concrete improvement in both the cost competitiveness of field operations and overall field production levels. Your team will be enabled to:

  • improve equipment reliability and maintain strong production rates
  • manage key cost drivers to optimize unit operating costs
  • implement well-proven methodologies to help sustain production and cost improvements
  • elevate operating performance to consistently high levels
  • reinforce a dynamic culture of continuous improvement

How It Works

Solomon’s project approach uses cost performance signals analysis to uncover potential operations performance improvement opportunities; we then logically high-grade these opportunities to the most tangible, implementable, and beneficial initiatives for the short and medium term.

The process includes:

  • confirmation of a detailed scope of work and expected deliverables
  • a kick-off meeting with core project teams
  • a brainstorming session, physical process reviews, and a prioritization workshop
  • in-depth analysis of top opportunities, first-order benefits, and cost estimations
  • creation of action plans and top opportunity write-ups
  • an implementation planning workshop and final report
  • follow-up implementation progress reviews

At the completion of the project, Solomon identifies the major improvement opportunities and, supported by a schedule and benefits summary, provides a recommended plan for moving forward to secure them. The final step is the creation of comprehensive, well-written action plans, coupled with strong analysis. This final step is critical in converting good ideas to executable, high-value opportunities that lead to measurable and trackable field operations improvements.