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Heavy Oil

Heavy oil is a challenging business, but one with substantial potential for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). With higher reservoir recovery potential comes higher operating costs. Solomon’s Heavy Oil Advisory Services can help you optimize steam injection for recovery to achieve operational success. Applying the right resources and the right technology innovations lets you minimize costs while maximizing recovery potential.

Why Choose Solomon Upstream?

Solomon has conducted approximately 200 upstream benchmarking projects and completed a number of heavy oil studies. This expertise in the field, along with the strength and depth of our data resources, allows us to provide our clients with unmatched advisory and consultancy expertise.

We focus on turning production around early and sustaining it long term. Our approach to heavy oil operations assessment includes the following steps:

  • Advanced reservoir characterization
  • Optimum injection and amount of steam
  • Access to innovative technology and centers for excellence
  • Improved heat and reservoir management
  • Focus on critical skills development
  • Full integration of data, skill sets, and technology
  • Continuous optimization and improved profitability

The main objective of our service is not only to define the gaps between current practices versus best practices, but to delineate practical recommendations to enhance operating efficiency. Solomon will undertake a comprehensive analysis of the following practices:

Heavy Oil Web Asset

How It Works

Solomon recognizes that a consulting relationship requires an integrated multidisciplinary team effort on both sides, ours as well as our client’s. Our subject matter experts begin by sharing with the client their insights on general best practices for surface and subsurface operations. Next they conduct a customized technical presentation to identify key concerns and opportunities. Later, Solomon and the client meet to integrate findings and recommendations. Technical management and staff are included in these meetings, and input from all parties facilitates the achievement of consensus on a final plan to optimize steam injection.

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