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Heavy Oil

Enhanced oil recovery can substantially boost heavy oil production, but also results in higher operating costs. Solomon’s integrated field performance assessment and technical consulting services can help you apply the right resources and technology innovations to successfully optimize steam injection recovery.

Why Choose Solomon Upstream?

Through its 2013 acquisition of Calgary-based Ziff Energy, Solomon gained benchmarking data and expertise on Canada’s heavy oil and steam assisted gravity drilling (SAGD) operations. Solomon has utilized this data and expertise to expand its global footprint assessing operational performance and provide advisory services in more than nine heavy oil producing countries. Solomon has completed a number of heavy oil studies worldwide. Expertise in the field, along with the strength and depth of our data resources, allows Solomon to provide our clients with unmatched advisory and consultancy expertise.

How It Works

Our field performance assessment involves benchmarking a client’s operating cost and production efficiency with the client’s peers. The main objective of our benchmarking service is not only to define the gaps between current practices and best practices, but to delineate practical recommendations to enhance operating and cost efficiency. Solomon’s comprehensive analysis covers artificial lift, water management, and steam generation.

Heavy Oil Web Asset

                        Figure 1. Practices in Solomon’s Comprehensive Analysis

Solomon focus on early production turnaround and sustainability. We recognize heavy oil production (i.e., steam cyclic injection and steamflooding) requires an integrated multidisciplinary team effort on both sides, ours and the client’s. Solomon’s approach to heavy oil operations assessment is a multistep process.

Solomon subject matter experts (SMEs) begin by sharing insights on general best practices for surface and subsurface operations with the client. Next, SMEs conduct a customized technical presentation to identify key concerns and opportunities. Finally, Solomon and the client meet to integrate findings and recommendations. Technical management and staff are included in these meetings. Input from all parties ensures a consensus on the final plan to optimize steam injection.

Solomon’s technical consulting and advisory service offerings include:

  • Advanced reservoir characterization
  • Optimum injection and amount of steam
  • Access to innovative technology and centers for excellence
  • Improved heat and reservoir management
  • Focus on critical skills development
  • Full integration of data, skill sets, and technology
  • Continuous optimization and improved profitability

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