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Workforce Optimization Solutions

Solomon’s approach to workforce optimization can help you achieve greater efficiencies, enhanced reliability, and improved margins.

We offer an innovative approach to determining optimal staffing levels. The key to optimum staffing and better performance rests in eliminating unnecessary efforts and improving work processes and practices. Solomon Workforce Optimization Consulting is an innovative approach to achieving and sustaining optimum staffing levels while increasing overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Choose Solomon to Help You Maximize Your Workforce?

Utilizing a proprietary methodology based on industry best practices and empirical data, Workforce Optimization Consulting empowers clients to move beyond simple quantitative formulas and across-the-board cuts.

In fact, Solomon’s optimization does not always mean a reduction in staff; the recommended solution could mean adding employees to certain department areas to help the business capture value that is currently being lost, resulting in improved financial performance and success. It’s a precise approach that leads to out-of-the-box thinking and truly custom-built solutions tailored to specific company operational gaps, opportunities, and culture.

Solomon has the largest databases of actual, validated oil and gas facility performance information in the world, enabling us to provide staffing recommendations that are customized and credible.

How It Works

Many energy companies have sought to “cut costs at all costs” — leading in some cases to arbitrary staff reductions with unintended consequences. Solomon understands a facility can actually lose money by terminating the wrong people or being understaffed in key areas. Therefore, Solomon has developed a staffing assessment methodology that combines a highly data-driven approach with extensive and practical operating experience.

The Solomon methodology is based on more than numbers — it includes a thorough analysis of a plant’s workforce based on industry best practices. The goal is to help companies achieve the most efficient, productive workforce possible. Each part of our methodology is included as follows:

  • Performance Benchmarking
    Compare company workforce efficiency relative to peer and competitor companies.
  • Process Mapping
    Compare existing process maps to actual work processes and identify opportunities to streamline.
  • Work Practices Assessment
    Document inefficiencies in current work practices versus industry best practices.
  • Work Sampling Analysis
    Assess how employees in various work streams expend efforts on tasks.
  • Workload Assessment
    Identify non-value-added work and permanently remove it from daily activities.

Because it is grounded in industry best practices and a thorough analysis of both quantitative and qualitative criteria, Workforce Optimization Consulting is the key to more effective management of staffing levels for petroleum refineries, pipelines and terminals, gas plants, chemical facilities, and power plants.

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