Solomon Applications

Data Collection Automation

With Solomon’s Data Collection Automation (DCA) service, our clients reduce the time they spend collecting study data by 40% to 50%.

For many companies, organizing and assembling the data for studies is burdensome. Most companies organize and assemble their input data manually — and each study cycle, they must reinvent/relearn the input data collection process. They spend a significant amount of time collecting the required expense, personnel, and maintenance data from their enterprise management systems (EMS).

Solomon’s DCA service addresses this issue with a simple, structured process. DCA not only significantly eases the data collection burden, it improves your personnel's understanding of the studies.

Why Choose Solomon’s Data Collection Automation Services?

When the data collection process is not performed in the same way each reporting cycle, the resulting study data is much less useful than it could be. DCA can ensure not only that you repeat the data collection process consistently each reporting cycle, but that all data is placed into the appropriate Solomon categories, consistent with Solomon’s definitions. Not only that, but DCA can ensure that data collected between departments is consistent—for example, that your employee work-hours reported are in balance with reported personnel payroll costs. This saves time and helps ensure better data quality and more reliable results.

Expert Guidance

Our experience can guide you in all aspects of the process, including roles and responsibilities, data extraction, data mapping routines, and data confirmation. Solomon Consultants will work directly with with your team on-site to locate input data sources from your EMS and develop the unique business rules needed to report your data consistently with Solomon’s instructions and methodologies. A report is prepared that details data sources, business rule details, and Solomon’s recommendations for improving your data collection process. The DCA service lets you collect your Solomon data in a manner that can save hundreds of hours annually, allowing your team to focus on applying the Solomon results to make valuable performance improvements.