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Upstream New Projects OpEx Estimator

Predict accurate future OpEx cost for your Upstream projects

Upstream New Projects OpEx Estimator — OpEx estimation module for new upstream projects, leverages Solomon’s proprietary Upstream Study database making it possible for you to predict life time OpEx cost for new CapEx investments with unrivaled accuracy. The module enables highly-accurate net present value (NPV) for your new projects.

Leverage Solomon’s trusted data and standardized methodology

Over the last 20 years, Solomon has provided production operations benchmarks to a broad range of operators, in a variety of departments (operations, finance, corporate planning) using a unique and trusted comparative performance assessment (CPA) methodology.

We found that companies benefit enormously from a standardized, dynamic and accurate methodology to estimate life cycle OpEx for new projects. To address this need, we developed an online module that highly leverages Solomon’s trusted performance assessment methodology and proprietary dataset.

New Projects

View peer assets included in OpEx estimation.


Easily plan and forecast future operating cost based on Solomon’s proprietary upstream database.

Use Cases from our Customers

  • A global operator uses the module to estimate OpEx lifecycle for business opportunities worldwide, at every stage of project development (conceptual, feed, construction).
  • A national oil company used the module as an input to maximize its portfolio of investments and assess its fields’ economic limit.
  • A coal-bed methane (CBM) producer used the module to quantify the impact of the aggressive growth plan for future OpEx needs.
  • An offshore operator used the module to estimate how changes in its gathering strategy would impact future cost allocation by field.
  • An independent producer established a medium-term “unit operating cost per barrel” target based on sharp increases to produced water level.


  • Supports strategic and tactical planning.
  • Examines cost basis for field development planning (NPV analysis and portfolio optimization).
  • Monitors potential cost optimization opportunities based on design scenarios.
  • Improves field reserves estimates (economic limits)
  • Takes advantage of Solomon’s truly unique normalized data and methodology resulting in unrivaled accuracy


Project/Asset Parameters

  • Asset types supported
  •              -Offshore (Oil Fixed Platforms, Floaters, FPSO, Gas Fixed Platforms, Big Gas)
                 -Onshore (Primary, Waterflood, Thermal, Heavy Oil, Sweet Gas, Sour Gas)
  • Regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia/Pacific/Indian Ocean

Dynamic User’s Inputs

  • Multiple Inputs levels by technical cases / project stage
  • Multiple results
  • Competitiveness and efficiency benchmarks
  • Probabilistic cost estimates (P10, P50, P90)

Data Security

  • Multi-factor login authentication
  • Audit records (access and activity logs)

User Management

  • Dynamic user creation
  • Roles, permissions, preferences

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