Solomon Benchmarking

On-Site Data Collection and Automation Assistance Services

Solomon offers two data collection assistance services: On-Site Data Collection (ODC) assistance and Data Collection Automation (DCA). Both services provide increased data gathering and reporting efficiency for refineries, pipeline and terminal operators, chemical plants, gas plants, power plants, and other participants in our industry-leading comparative studies.

Our ODC service typically involves a 1-week visit by a Solomon study expert who will assist you in identifying sources of data needed for the study, appropriately applying our instructions, and properly inputting your data into our electronic input data spreadsheets. This service is especially important for new study participants who have not yet gone through the extensive data collection process.

Our DCA service typically involves a 2-week visit by a Solomon study expert with experience in a wide range of accounting and enterprise platforms and systems. This service goes beyond our ODC service. During this process, Solomon will work with your local systems staff to begin automating the data collection process, which will significantly reduce the manual effort of extracting data needed for the study. This service also complements Solomon Profile® consultation services, which provide calculations of Solomon’s performance metrics consistent with our benchmarking studies.

Finally, if your organization has experienced high costs when completing data forms or you need someone to fill the role of study coordinator, we can help. Whether we are working with your study coordinator to help complete the data forms more efficiently, or you need us to coordinate the total data collection effort across all of your refineries, we have a program to meet your needs.