Solomon Benchmarking

Deep Drill Down

To drive sustainable performance improvement, you must first identify and remove the causes of inefficiency.

While the first step in this process is determining where the problems lie, the most difficult part is identifying what perspective to take when determining what changes are required in order to improve. Solomon’s Deep Drill-Down (3D) Performance Analysis helps clarify situations by focusing on improvement objectives and designing and performing a custom analysis of existing benchmarking data to determine the root cause of inefficiencies.

We begin our analysis by defining priorities (operating expense, yields, strategic issues, etc.) and setting targets for the achievement of results. We then build a custom-designed analysis to generate solutions.

A potential performance improvement analysis may focus on the following areas:

  • Energy improvements
  • Maintenance turnaround interval, duration, and effort
  • Yield gaps
  • Productivity of past capital investment
  • Operations staffing
  • Catalyst life and cost

The analysis compares your data not only to “world-best” performers for opportunity screening but to custom peers for validation of those opportunities. The complete analysis goes beyond defining your potential inefficiencies—it delves deeper into the data to show you specific changes you can make to drive improvement and achieve your business objectives. With 3D, we deliver a custom analysis that answers your performance improvement questions and provides you with a clear set of realistic targets.

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