Solomon Benchmarking

Pro Forma Cases

Solomon’s Pro Forma Cases allow our clients to assess
“what if” and other unique business and operational scenarios using in-depth Solomon benchmarking data to substantiate and model different potential courses of action.

With a Pro Forma Case, you’ll follow Solomon’s standard performance benchmarking process with regard to input data forms and instructions. What you’ll receive is a full set of standard electronic study deliverables for benchmarking the performance of your Pro Forma Case, including an in-depth gap analysis.*

With regard to scope, Pro Forma Cases may be developed to assess how changes would affect an entire facility — or may be limited to examining only certain major categories of performance, e.g., gross margin, energy, maintenance/reliability, staffing, etc. The following are a few of the scenarios Solomon clients have explored in the past using Pro Forma Cases:

  • Off-cycle study-year performance
  • Annualization of partial year operations to exclude significant periods of refinery shutdown:
    • Impacts of natural disasters
    • Impacts from fires/explosions
    • Impacts from economics/bankruptcies
  • Performance of refinery expansion projects post-startup**
  • Performance of a new grassroots refinery post-startup**
  • Planned major restructuring of staffing

* For more in-depth analysis, Pro Forma Cases can be integrated within Solomon’s Deep Drill-Down (3D) product.

** Pro Forma Cases related to future capital investment are best integrated within Solomon’s Q1 Day 1™ product, which helps secure an investment’s return by ensuring that competitive targets and best practices are integrated into the project before the build is executed.