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Benchmarking Integrated Sites

We help clients move beyond benchmarking to achieve high performance and long-term sustainable growth.

Are you responsible for improving the performance of more than one plant? Perhaps your responsibilities include an entire production chain of plants, or perhaps all of the plants at an integrated site. You might even be responsible for the improvement of every facility in an entire corporation. If any of the above is true, then Solomon’s Integrated Site Services offering was designed for you.

When evaluating the efficiency and competitiveness of integrated sites, information on the diverse components of the complex is essential. Even more important, however, is the ability to compare this information with data for other large and uniquely configured facilities. Comparisons such as these often uncover opportunity gaps — and closing these gaps inevitably results in improved performance.

Comparisons that reveal opportunity gaps are the focus of Solomon’s Worldwide Integrated Site Performance Analysis (ISS Study). The ISS Study family of products includes a site-wide study that establishes a consistent set of benchmarks across all of a site’s operating facilities. This study comes standard with a gap analysis that compares your site with the best performers in the industry.

The integrated metrics can be regularly updated with the Integrated Site Metrics System (ISMS). Consulting services are also offered to help you set — and achieve — performance improvement goals. Finally, a worldwide study (Evergreen Worldwide ISS Study) lets you compare your entire site to other integrated sites around the world every few years. This allows you and your managers to see how your performance improvement efforts have helped your company close its gaps.

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