Solomon Benchmarking

Integrated Site Systems Performance Analysis

With Solomon’s Integrated Site Systems Services (ISS Services), managers can measure on an equal basis the performance of multiple plants in a production chain or all production units at a site.

The metrics can cover either a single industrial site or all sites in a larger corporate network. ISS can cover entire corporations, or even nations.

At the core of ISS Services is Solomon's Integrated Site Systems Performance Analysis (ISS Study) —  a tool designed to “bridge the gap” in understanding the performance of these complex sites and systems. Consistent benchmarks and unified metrics allow management to view all site process units on a common basis and set realistic improvement targets based on real-world performance data. Whether it involves a fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit or a polyethylene unit, all processes are measured using a common comparable system of metrics. All process metrics combine to provide a single site-wide or even corporate-wide set of metrics that can greatly simplify the performance improvement process.

Since the inception of ISS Services, the scope of the offering has expanded dramatically, and it is now being used to cover every product from the wellhead to shipping. The following are already being monitored by ISS Services systems:

  • Upstream
    • On-shore/off-shore facilities
    • Oil & gas development and production facilities
  • Pipelines and terminals
  • Natural gas liquid (NGL) plants
  • NGL and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) shipping
  • Fuel refining plants
  • Lube refining plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Aromatics plants
  • Polymer plants
  • Vinyl plants
  • Fertilizer producers
  • Specialty chemical producers
  • Utilities
    • Power/desalination/steam/air separation units
  • Logistics
    • Pipelines/terminals/marine shipping
    • Aircraft refueling

In addition to providing unified baseline metrics, we provide assistance in target performance setting, ongoing tracking of the metrics to help you manage your progress, and engineering services to help you close your gaps and maximize performance improvement.

Why Choose Solomon's ISS Study?

Solomon’s ISS Study measures the performance at all your major production plants with a consistently developed set of benchmarks — and, because these benchmarks are based on similar equivalency methodologies, they can be combined. As a result, the ISS Study gives you access to data for all your site systems in one effort, with consistent and comparable metrics for each plant. The need to work with multiple companies to benchmark your various plants is thereby avoided — along with the need to deal with analytics that cannot be mathematically combined to generate an overall site-wide picture.

Well known for its benchmarking services for specific industry segments (refining and olefins), Solomon can also provide consistent and comparable metrics and performance gaps for all facilities on a single site. With these comparable metrics and gaps, it is possible to target performance improvement efforts where they will have the largest impact on the entire site.

How It Works

Our goal is to simplify the data collection process while providing your team with an effective tool for improving plant performance:

  • Step 1 – Training seminars both in-person and web-based for data collection and entry.
  • Step 2 – Collection of data by your trained staff according to the definitions provided.
  • Step 3 – Input data review and confirmation of the accuracy of your input before calculation of your results and performance gaps.
  • Step 4 – In-person presentations and workshops by Solomon consultants designed to ensure that you maximize the benefits of participation.
  • Step 5 – Consideration and adoption of suggested targets based on actual, demonstrably achievable performance improvements.
  • Step 6 – Closing of gaps, either using the engineering services made available by Solomon or otherwise.
  • Step 7 – Regular monitoring of your progress as you close the gaps and achieve excellence.

Solomon’s ISS Services offering provides a wealth of insight regarding your plant’s performance and opportunity gaps, complete with the financial value of closing each gap. Services can be custom tailored to assist you in closing your gaps and tracking your progress. ISS Services was specifically designed to help your company achieve world-leading performance levels.

Participate Today

Solomon studies help you find answers to the critical questions key to your business success:

  • How reliable are my refinery facilities?
  • How does my equipment utilization compare with that of others?
  • Are my operating expenses comparable to those of companies with similar facilities?
  • Do my facilities produce a competitive gross margin, taking into account my utilization and complexity?
  • How do I compare across the range of performance in the industry?

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