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Benchmarking Liquid Pipelines and Terminals

Our midstream database has data for over 300 pipelines, 350 liquid terminals, and 50 gas processors. We know what “good” looks like.

It’s a complicated task to stay competitive today. Not only are you faced with the pressure of tightening regulatory requirements and narrowing margins, but you must exercise strict control over the costs of operating and inspecting your facilities. Management, shareholders, and lenders are all keeping a close watch to make sure your maintenance budget is being spent efficiently.

Solomon can help you stay competitive. Our Worldwide Liquid Pipeline Performance Analysis (Liquid Pipeline Study) and Worldwide Liquid Terminal Performance Analysis (Liquid Terminal Study) are designed to make your company aware of the operating cost and reliability performance of your facilities in all key areas. Both studies provide valuable information on which you can base performance improvement efforts.

Benchmarking capital-intensive energy assets has been Solomon’s core business for more than 30 years. Our Comparative Performance Analysis™ (CPA™) identifies where facilities stand relative to their competition across a range of key performance indicators, providing results in sufficient detail to support major budget decisions. Our unique methodology includes the Equivalent Pipeline Complexity (EPC™) and Equivalent Terminal Complexity (ETC™) divisors, which allow us to generate reliable cost comparisons for pipeline and terminal facilities.

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