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Benchmarking Natural Gas

Our midstream database has data for over 300 pipelines, 350 liquid terminals, and 50 gas processors.

Maintaining the integrity of natural gas pipelines is a critical need. Benchmarking benefits this and other aspects of operational excellence. And benchmarking capital-intensive energy assets has been Solomon’s core business for more than 30 years. We specialize in multi-client benchmarking studies that facilitate continuous performance improvement.

Solomon’s natural gas studies provide comprehensive views of worldwide natural gas operating performance. Companies gain perspectives on multiple levels: The "big picture" view makes accurate peer-to-peer comparisons possible, and more detailed views allow companies to design informed and targeted approaches to performance improvement.

The methodologies used in our benchmarking studies are unique in the industry. Only Solomon’s Comparative Performance Analysis™ (CPA™) identifies where facilities operate relative to the competition across a range of key performance indicators (KPIs), providing results in sufficient detail to support budget decisions.

Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers, geologists, and economists have gained an understanding of the challenges facing the natural gas business through years of actual industry practice, numerous client-specific consulting projects, and a variety of multi-client studies addressing upcoming strategic issues.

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