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Fuels Study

The qualities that distinguish today's top performers are low costs, high efficiency, and safe and reliable operations.

Refiners with these qualities continue to succeed in today’s competitive environment—and are prepared for whatever the future holds. To maintain their high level of performance, many of these refiners have Solomon in their corner.

320-plus refineries currently use Solomon’s Worldwide Fuels Refinery Performance Analysis (Fuels Study) to identify improvement opportunities. The Fuels Study helps them stay abreast of the latest methods and trends in today’s refining industry. It ensures they know where their refinery stands in all key performance areas. And it provides them with valuable information they use to guide their performance improvement efforts.

Why Choose Solomon’s Fuels Study?

Solomon’s Fuels Study is used around the globe — in North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, and across the Pacific and Indian oceans — to drive internal dialogues on refinery performance issues. Our study is used by the vast majority of the world's refineries. By giving you valuable insight into the key performance areas of your own refineries as well as industry trends, these studies foster the continuous improvement needed to remain competitive.

Solomon continues to enhance the deliverables for its Fuels Study while minimizing required input data. We also believe that we continue to offer good value for the base cost of the study while offering improved deliverables and optional related studies.

How It Works

Using our proprietary, patented benchmarking methodology, Solomon processes input data from 85% of the world's refining manufacturing capacity and generates a comprehensive set of electronic deliverables that includes detailed gap analyses. The insights gained from these gap analyses make a focused approach to performance improvement possible. Areas of review include financial profit performance, operating expenses, reliability and maintenance, energy efficiency, staffing, and product quality.

Solomon’s wide range of services gives study participants numerous ways to dive deep into the available data and determine exactly how they should structure their performance improvement efforts. For example, we can develop customized peer groups that help you focus your performance improvement efforts. We can formulate expense/margin optimization plans to help you maximize financial performance. We also hold workshops that show you how to leverage your Fuels Study data. Our goal is to help you achieve better performance.

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Solomon studies help you find answers to the critical questions key to your business success:

  • How reliable are my refinery facilities?
  • How does my equipment utilization compare with that of others?
  • Are my operating expenses comparable to those of companies with similar facilities?
  • Do my facilities produce a competitive gross margin based on my utilization and complexity?
  • How do I compare across the range of performance in the industry?

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