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Lube Study

Solomon is recognized as the gold standard in energy
industry benchmarking

Solomon's Worldwide Paraffinic Lube Refinery Performance Analysis (Lube Study) lets you know how your facilities are performing relative to the competition. We help you assess aspects of your business that are critical to its success, including reliability, equipment utilization, operating expenses, competitive gross margin, and industry performance ranges.

Why Choose Solomon’s Lube Study?

Representing nearly three-quarters of the lube base oil capacity in North America, South America, and Europe, the Solomon Lube Study does more than provide a common language for discussing performance issues. It helps you achieve continuous improvement by letting you know exactly how your company is performing. This in turn allows you to sustain or enhance your market position.

When you participate in the Lube Study, you can be assured that your management decisions are based on the objective, third-party perspective for which Solomon is known. Our goal is to continue to provide the top quality benchmarking data and excellent consulting services that clients have come to expect from Solomon over more than 35 years.

How It Works

The Lube Study is designed to help you understand the methods and trends of today’s refining industry, keep you informed on the status of your refinery in all key performance areas, and provide valuable information on which you can base your performance improvement efforts.

Participate Today

Solomon studies help you find answers to the critical questions key to your business success:

  • How reliable are my refinery facilities?
  • How does my equipment utilization compare with that of others?
  • Are my operating expenses comparable to those of companies with similar facilities?
  • Do my facilities produce a competitive gross margin based on my utilization and complexity?
  • How does my refinery compare across the range of performance in the industry?