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Turnaround Duration Study

Solomon’s Turnaround Duration Study gives you visibility into top-performing turnarounds and equips you with the tools to enhance your turnaround performance.

Enhance your turnaround performance with our Worldwide Refining Turnaround Duration Performance Analysis (Turnaround Duration Study). Our experts create standardized metrics needed to measure your turnaround’s duration against others in the industry and equip you with the necessary data to target better turnaround performance. In our last study, results showed that the top five performers achieved 14 fewer turnaround days than the study average. Additionally, the top five performers achieved their planned turnaround duration goals, while the average study performers lagged in their plans by more than 20%. Through our analysis of worldwide turnaround duration data, we can establish realistic and competitive duration targets for turnaround phases for your next turnaround.

Participation Benefits for the Turnaround Duration Study:

  • Learn to better plan, execute, and budget your turnarounds and highlight opportunities for performance improvement.
  • Understand where your turnaround performance excelled or fell short by comparing it to others in the industry.
  • Gain knowledge and insight from someone with the industry expertise that you can trust.
  • Better manage the total length of downtime, improving time off from production and generating more profit for your refinery.

How It Works

Solomon will work with you to coordinate a minimal amount of data collection and reporting on the amount of time required for each key component of maintenance turnarounds for your refineries. Key metrics will be compared with a high-performing refineries’ group to assess each individual refinery’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. In addition, Solomon will provide analysis and insights using our proprietary methodology and expertise.

This project will allow your organization to objectively compare the key components of the turnaround duration on major process units reported in Solomon’s latest Worldwide Fuels Refinery Performance Analysis (Fuels Study) to each refinery in your system.

Turnaround Duration Study Key Components

Key components in terms of time expressed in hours include:

  • Oil-out to preparation for entry
  • Preparation for entry to start of mechanical repairs
  • Start of mechanical repairs to completion of mechanical repairs
  • Completion of mechanical repairs to start of oil-in
  • Oil-in to on-spec from unit 

Additionally, if there are other delays that impact the overall duration either before or after the mechanical repairs, these will be recorded and included as a part of the analyses. These “other” durations could include capital project work, delays associated with work on associated units, and delays resulting from economic considerations.


In the Turnaround Duration Study, we carefully evaluate system-wide data that has been collected and normalized using Solomon methodology and metrics. Study results are presented in Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets on a refinery basis and for each major unit in the study, with regional comparisons where possible. Durations of the five components are reported against a standard, which has been developed based on the capacity of the process unit and the interval between turnarounds from our latest Fuels Study data. Other relevant information is also presented, such as key drivers for turnarounds and methods used for preparation for entry. Learn more about Turnaround Duration in this article.

Turnaround Webpage Figure

                                                 Figure 1. Phases of Turnaround Duration

The results presentation includes several charts illustrating the results against other refineries to provide comparisons of durations for the different phases of the turnaround (see Figure 1). Comparisons of the five components are also provided for each major unit, in addition to opportunity gaps compared against the top five turnarounds in the study.

Why Solomon? 

  • More than 85% of the world’s refining capacity trusts Solomon to evaluate their operational performance.
  • The Fuels and Lubes Database contains 522 refineries and 54,000 turnarounds conducted since 1992.  
  • The Turnaround Duration Study, first conducted in 2012, includes a database of 86 refineries and details on 1,570 turnarounds.
  • Leverage 40 years of benchmarking data collection, analysis and consulting work and industry best practices that can truly improve turnarounds and financial results.
  • Our experts, averaging 25 years of industry experience, have been in your shoes and appreciate your business and challenges.

Solomon’s Turnaround Duration Study is an invaluable tool for the accurate planning, execution, and budgeting of turnarounds, and highlighting opportunities for performance improvement. This study can help you find answers to critical questions key to your business success. 

Contact us today to participate or learn more. 

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