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Turnaround Duration Study

Solomon’s Turnaround Duration Study gives you visibility into what a top-performing turnaround looks like.

The groundbreaking Worldwide Refining Turnaround Duration Performance Analysis (Turnaround Duration Study) creates the standardized metrics needed to measure your turnaround’s duration against those of others in the industry and equips you with the necessary data to help you target better turnaround performance.

The key to improving future turnarounds is understanding where your turnaround performance excelled or fell short compared to that of others within the industry. The objective is to enhance your turnaround performance, ultimately saving money and improving reliability.

Why Choose Solomon’s Turnaround Duration Study?

More than 85% of the world’s refining facilities entrust Solomon with their most sensitive operational data. We use this data to conduct a proprietary, confidential comparative analysis that helps our study participants identify and close gaps in their performance. With the Turnaround Duration Study, we extend this methodology to an examination of the key components of turnaround downtime — from the moment that fresh feed is pulled from the unit till the time when products are on-specification to tankage. Comparison of the time periods required for each key step of the turnaround process provides an opportunity for refineries to manage the total length of their downtime, resulting in less time off from production and more profit for the refinery.

How It Works

Solomon will work with each study participant to coordinate the data collection and reporting process to capture the amount of time required for each key component of the turnaround process. Key metrics will be compared with those of a pool of high-performing refineries to assess each individual refinery’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. In addition, Solomon will provide analysis and insights using our proprietary methodology and expertise.

This project will allow your organization to objectively compare five key components of turnaround duration to the turnarounds on major process units reported in the 2012 Fuels Refinery Performance Analysis (Fuels Study) — as well as to the most recent turnarounds since the study — at each refinery in your system.

The five components of turnaround duration (in terms of time expressed in hours) in this study are as follows:

  • Oil-Out to Preparation for Entry
  • Preparation for Entry to Start of Mechanical Repairs
  • Start of Mechanical Repairs to Completion of Mechanical Repairs
  • Completion of Mechanical Repairs to Start of Oil-In
  • Oil-In to On-Spec from Unit

The Turnaround Duration Study is an invaluable tool for the accurate planning, execution, and budgeting of turnarounds, as well as for highlighting opportunities for performance improvement.

Participate Today

Solomon’s Turnaround Duration Study can help you find answers to critical questions key to your business success:

  • How can I improve overall equipment reliability and uptime by managing turnaround duration better?
  • Which of the key components of turnaround duration offers me the greatest opportunity for improvement?

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