Solomon Benchmarking

Benchmarking Reliability and Maintenance Effectiveness

Reliability and maintenance (RAM) performance can make the difference between sustainable profitability and plant closure.

If your plant mechanical availability is not well above 96%, you have valuable untapped margin. If your maintenance cost as a percentage of plant replacement value is not well below 2%, you may be spending too much.

Solomon’s International Study of Plant Reliability and Maintenance Effectiveness (RAM Study) helps members of the process industry, including chemicals and refining operations, increase their profitability by ranking their reliability and maintenance performance against others within specified peer groups. In addition, by comparing your performance to top-quartile performers, Solomon’s reliability indices help you get the most out of your assets and reveal where you can increase capacity without making costly capital investments.

Why Choose Solomon’s RAM Study?

Developed in partnership with industry leaders, Solomon’s RAM Study helps operators identify and quantify areas where their reliability and maintenance performance can be improved. The study is reviewed annually with those same industry leaders and provides the most comprehensive set of reliability and maintenance benchmarks in the industry. New standards of performance in the global marketplace show that world-class manufacturers are reaping the benefits of ultra-high levels of reliability with corresponding decreases in maintenance costs in their operations. Solomon’s RAM Study will help you join them.

Improved reliability can positively impact any organization by improving customer loyalty, increasing employee engagement, and growing profitability. Through reliability and maintenance benchmarking, you can discover hidden opportunities and how best to address them. No matter how good your current performance, hidden opportunities have the potential of saving you millions of dollars.

How It Works

Solomon’s RAM Study provides comparative analysis to identify and quantify areas for improved reliability and maintenance performance. Solomon reviews the operational and financial data of your program to pinpoint the trouble spots, helping you develop the best reliability and maintenance strategy — one that keeps your facility operational a higher percentage of the time with optimal use of resources.

Using a database of more than 8,000 process units, we measure the effectiveness of your maintenance and reliability program with the goal of uncovering the causes of poor performance in specific areas:

  • Exploring outage and cost factors in detail to optimize your operations and promote reliability
  • Identifying problem equipment types and abnormal work hour and spares requirements
  • Optimizing maintenance effectiveness (minimizing the expense and lost output resulting from unreliability), thus minimizing life cycle cost in the short, medium, and long term
  • Helping you understand where you need to improve and develop priorities so you can effectively manage resources and plan improvements across a wide range of unit areas
  • Increasing your profitability and competitive position by creating the most optimal maintenance effectiveness program for your plants

The study offers:

  • Standard metrics for analyzing performance
  • Simplified web-based input and interface
  • Rigorous interactive web-based data assessment and comparison
  • Gap analysis comparing performance to top performers
  • Performance comparisons at the production unit and site level
  • Comparisons across geographic regions
  • An on-site presentation and detailed review of results
  • Absolute client confidentiality

Participate Today

Participating in Solomon’s RAM Study can help a plant or refinery identify significant areas for potential improvement, determine the causes of unit downtime and excessive labor and material costs, increase production capacity, and improve overall reliability and maintenance performance, all without costly capital improvements.

Participating in the RAM Study will help your team:

  • Decrease the probability of a catastrophic event caused by a maintenance-related shutdown or startup
  • Reduce maintenance downtime by focusing on the elimination of repetitive failures
  • Minimize maintenance labor expenses and material and overhead costs while experiencing a resultant increase in profits
  • Increase production capacity without costly capital investment
  • Achieve sustainable operational excellence through reliability and maintenance optimization

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