North American Oil and Associated Gas Outlook

December 12, 2016

Leading energy consultancy firm releases latest report forecasting North American Oil and Associated Gas Outlook.

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Figure 1. North American Oil Production

CALGARY, ALBERTA – 12 December 2016 – Solomon announced the release of its North American Oil and Associated Gas Outlook report. This report provides Solomon’s detailed oil production outlook for the major oil supply basins in the US and Western Canada, and a roll-up for North American oil and associated or solution gas production (excluding oilsands).

“Tight oil production from Eagle Ford and Bakken will drop in 2016–2018 before increasing later in the forecast while Permian production will continue to grow,” said Lev Virine, Manager Gas Consulting at Solomon and report author. “However, this growth will not be enough to compensate for declining conventional oil production, particularly from the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska”

Figure 1 illustrates historical oil production through 2015 and the outlook in North America from 2016 to 2022.[1] The forecast is based on WTI oil price below 50 United States dollars per barrel.

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[1] © 2016 HSB Solomon Associates Canada Ltd. (Solomon) – Reprinting this chart is permitted with proper credit and citation given to Solomon.