Workforce Optimization

September 28, 2017

Fear and anxiety: these are the two emotions most often experienced by employees who hear the term “workforce optimization” at work. Originally developed as a business strategy to facilitate office efficiency, workforce optimization (WFO) has now become synonymous with layoffs and increased workloads for employees. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With 30 years of comparative performance analysis and improvement consulting experience, we’ve learned that the standard approach often doesn’t work. Our experience shows that the arbitrary firing of staff often does more harm than good. Reorganizing a company without proper evaluation and planning can lead to the unintended loss of skilled employees. This in turn can impede safety as well as the overall productivity of the company.

At Solomon, our approach to WFO is as revolutionary as it is unorthodox. We use a proven methodology designed to enhance financial performance while improving the operational effectiveness of the company. The result is a healthy organization that is productive and has a sustainable hierarchy and staffing level. Our objective is to help our clients achieve the most efficient and productive workforce possible.

The Solomon Difference

Our WFO consulting services are unlike any other in the oil and gas business. At Solomon, our partners have extensive experience working in the oil and gas industry. We have worked in every part of the business and as such bring unparalleled hands-on experience to the WFO process. Our consultants have an average of more than 25 years of hands-on industry experience. We know enough about the business to provide strong and proven recommendations. Our knowledge, in combination with the largest database of hydrocarbon processing and transportation facility performance information in the world, allows us to provide unmatched real-world performance data to help our clients identify and then remedy performance gaps.

Exclusive Methodology

Although our competitors typically measure their success by the number of jobs they can eliminate from a company, we don’t adhere to that model. Instead, our focus is on maximizing our client’s organizational efficiency and underlying business performance. As a result, our recommendations often translate into targeted hiring of additional key resources—resources that can ensure that the business is operating at its optimum level. Our primary objective is not to simply lay off as many employees as possible, but rather to help our clients achieve sustainable benefits that will translate into long-term financial success. We understand that a key to the performance of an organization’s workforce is to streamline procedures and business practices and to eliminate unnecessary or redundant work processes and procedures. But that doesn’t always mean cutting jobs. At Solomon, we assist our clients in recognizing the disparities in their operational performance. That is accomplished using our understanding of industry practices, a detailed data analysis, and the use of our proprietary methodology, which includes:

  • Performance Benchmarking: Comparing our client’s workforce effectiveness to that of its peers.
  • Process Mapping: Comparing our client’s existing processes to standard practices, with the objective of highlighting opportunities for improvement.
  • Work Practices Assessment: Documenting the inefficiencies in the client’s current work practices versus best practices.
  • Work Sampling Analysis: Evaluating how our client’s employees spend their time and effort in a variety of departments.
  • Workload Assessment: Identifying work that is redundant and doesn’t contribute to the company’s profits—then removing it from the day-to-day activities.

An Effective Approach

At Solomon, our WFO analysis goes above and beyond the usual cookie-cutter approach. We know that an effective solution is more than simply a few quantitative formulas and large job cuts. Ours is a data-driven and experience-based approach. Our consultants consider a multitude of factors in determining our clients’ optimum staffing levels and production efficiency. From evaluating work practices, procedures, and staffing capabilities to examining an organization’s corporate culture, we leave no stone unturned in the path to reaching our goal. We walk arm-in-arm with our clients, helping them to implement a custom-made solution for their facility. Our goal is to ensure that when someone uses the term “workforce optimization” in the office, the feelings that result are feelings of excitement and anticipation among the staff—because they understand that, with Solomon, a real and positive change is just around the corner.

Who we are

Solomon is a pioneering performance improvement company serving the global energy industry. We provide benchmarking and advisory solutions to our clients to help them achieve operational excellence. For more information, please visit us at