Solomon Announces its Strategic Energy Advisory Service

March 12, 2018

Leading energy consultancy firm announces its new Strategic Energy Advisory service

HSB Solomon Associates LLC (Solomon), the leading performance improvement company for the global energy industry, is pleased to announce its new Strategic Energy Advisory (SEA) service. This retainer service provides clients a forward market insight, delivering reports and custom consulting for critical issues facing the energy industry worldwide. 

“Strategic Energy Advisory service will leverage Solomon’s global expertise in performance analysis and help interpret macro market conditions throughout the global energy complex,”  Cameron Gingrich, Director of Strategic Advisory Service, says. “It is an enhancement of our longstanding and insightful North American Gas Strategies (NAGS) service.”

SEA has moved to an online web client portal (, providing access to Solomon’s extensive historical data, forecasts, and analysis covering all aspects of energy fundamentals. Existing NAGS clients will be upgraded to this new service. SEA offers clients a rich source of information and analytics on the following topics:

  • Natural Gas Supply – Production, resources, connection, productivity, maps, methodology, and more
  • Oil and NGL Supply – Oil, natural gas liquids (NGL), and associated gas production; resources, maps, methodology, and more
  • Energy Demand – Power generation, industrial, residential, and more
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) – Capacities, export and import, LNG arbitrage, and supply and demand
  • Infrastructure – Oil and gas pipelines, gas processing infrastructure, and more
  • Pricing – Oil, natural gas, and NGL price forecast
  • Cost – Oil, natural gas, and NGL full-cycle cost per play and more