Strategic Energy Advisory

Resource and Infrastructure Assessments

Solomon and Gas Processing Management Inc. (GPMi) have completed and published the Resource and Infrastructure Assessments—five geographical area assessments and two regional assessments that examine the gas and natural gas liquid (NGL) potential in the key growth areas of Western Canada for 10 to 20 forecast years. Also examined are the infrastructure changes that will be needed in these key growth areas.

These in-depth assessments examine the existing reserves and developing resource in the key growth areas and forecast production for the next decade (and, in the case of the regional assessments, to 2035). In addition, they develop an integrated approach to the development and management of the producing area infrastructure, including the outlets of the area processing plants. Finally, they provide the basic building blocks needed to (a) understand the larger basin-related issues involving liquefied natural gas (LNG) development, and (b) address the impacts of the large anticipated increases in natural gas production on the NGL infrastructure.

Key Reports Include

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