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2015 Montney Growth Resource & Infrastructure Assessment

Developed by Solomon and Gas Processing Management Inc. (GPMi), the 2015 Montney Growth Resource & Infrastructure Assessment (Montney Growth Assessment) is a comprehensive analysis of the natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) production potential of the Montney Growth area of British Columbia and Alberta.

This assessment analyzes not only production potential but also the area’s gathering and processing infrastructure and its takeaway pipelines.

The growth of Montney tight gas and other new gas opportunities in the northern region of northwest Alberta and northeast British Columbia has changed the dynamics of the infrastructure systems in the area. While conventional natural gas production in most areas of Western Canada has steadily declined, supply has grown tremendously in the Montney Growth area. As a result, the area needs new infrastructure as well as improvements to existing infrastructure, both of which require significant investment. If the gas industry worked cooperatively to develop this infrastructure, it would benefit the current and developing resource base.

To update the initial Montney Growth Analysis, released in January 2012, the 2015 Montney Growth Assessment re-examines key growth areas of the Montney play from northwest of Fort St. John, British Columbia, to the Wapiti River in Alberta. The 2015 Montney Growth Assessment substantially revises the earlier assessment and incorporates the following:

  • An integrated Western Canadian natural gas supply-and-demand model to 2035
  • A natural gas production profile supporting West Coast British Columbia and Oregon liquefied natural gas (LNG) development
  • A comprehensive analysis of NGL production by component to 2035
  • An updated view of the gathering and processing infrastructure
  • A detailed assessment of natural gas and NGL takeaway pipeline capacities

The study’s assessment of total infrastructure required quantifies opportunities for business to decrease capital investment, decrease per-unit operating expenses for both new and existing production, and increase recovery of the existing gas resource base.

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