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Southern Duvernay and Tight Gas Growth Resource & Infrastructure Assessment

The 2015 Southern Duvernay and Tight Gas Growth Resource & Infrastructure Assessment (Southern Duvernay & Tight Gas Growth Assessment) forecasts production from existing and developing resources to the end of 2035.

Developed by Solomon and Gas Processing Management Inc. (GPMi), this is the third updated assessment in a series of resource and infrastructure analyses addressing the development of tight gas in Western Canada.

The assessment examines the new plant and pipeline infrastructure that will be required and its impact on existing processing facilities and gathering systems. With 70 industry subscriptions and 35 participating companies, the assessment presents significant opportunities and foundational information for facility owners and operators, producers, resource developers, and governments. The assessment accomplishes the following:

  • Develops an independent view of the production potential of the existing and developing resources in the area.
  • Divides the Southern Duvernay and tight gas area into seven subregions for detailed analysis.
  • Develops an independent analysis of the production and infrastructure requirements for the Southern Duvernay and tight gas area.
  • Analyzes the fundamentals of natural gas production in Alberta in order to define the province’s economic outlook and prospects for growth.

Forecasts growth in production for gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs).

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