Solomon Natural Gas Forecasting

Industry Forecast Reports

Solomon produces forecast reports that are shared by groups of clients with similar operations (e.g., pipelines) or with operations in specific regions or basins (e.g., the US Midwest or Western Canada).

Drawing on Solomon’s thorough knowledge of the oil and gas industry, these reports are indispensable sources of up-to-date information and allow a direct transfer of knowledge from our business-savvy veterans to your staff. The exclusive advice in these reports boosts your understanding of the dynamics of the rapidly changing North American marketplace and can aid you in making long-term strategic business development and investment decisions.

Some of our forecast reports address regional issues, outlooks, and insights and are focused specifically on a particular region. Others have a worldwide outlook. Clients benefit by subscribing to these reports knowing that numerous clients will share the overall costs of the very detailed analytical work. Future-looking reports, such as forecasts, incorporate time horizons as distant as 2050 so that clients can understand fully how a region will unfold and how they can exploit that to their advantage. Historical cost assessments provide clients with very detailed cost allocations for specific gas (or tight oil) basins, facilitating strategically sound business decisions. And finally, benchmarking reports rate participants against their peers, allowing participants to focus on improving areas of weakness and exploiting strengths.

Key Reports Include

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