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Energy Advisory Services

Solomon’s Energy Advisory Services undertakes assignments to address specific client needs in the areas of gas supply, gas demand, gas transport, gas storage, and gas price outlooks across North America.

Our experienced and knowledgeable specialists have gained an understanding of business challenges through years of industry practice, numerous client-specific consulting projects, and a variety of multi-client studies that address current strategic issues. Over the past 3 decades, we have undertaken multiple consulting assignments for clients that span all aspects of the energy value chain.

Solomon’s success is built on our team’s strong, objective analytical capabilities along with our real industry experience and our recognition and understanding of the needs of each client. The Solomon team has an integrated view of the North American gas business and the ability to identify emerging trends before they are widely perceived.

Areas of focus include the following:

  • Gas Supply – Assessment of drilling, supply growth, decline rates, and operator strategies impacting the expected productive capability of North America’s gas supply basins; portfolio review and regulatory testimony.
  • Gas Demand – Assessment of gas demand by sector (residential, commercial, industrial, power generation, liquefied natural gas (LNG) export, and pipeline fuel) and by region to 2035–2050.
  • Pipeline Transportation – Assessment of the potential impact of current and future flow patterns on existing infrastructure, including expert testimony and advice regarding policy, rate design, cost allocation, and issue identification and analysis.
  • Gas Storage – Assessment of demand, valuation, and initial project feasibility as well as identification of buyers or sellers of physical storage assets.
  • Gas Price and Basis Assessment – Solomon offers an assessment of the influences that key drivers exert on oil, natural gas, NGL, and other energy commodities prices and basis differentials. Long-term gas price forecasts for specific North American regions provide strategic insight for clients examining investment opportunities.
  • Integration – We have the experience and capability to integrate our oil, natural gas, NGL, and other energy commodities strengths to comprehensively address and fulfill your specific requirements.
  • Litigation and Expert Witness Services – Assessment and explanation of technical issues for counsel in plain and simple terms; development of frameworks for expert reports; assistance with counsel in formulating questions, oral testimony, and rebuttal testimony; and assessment of opposing counsel's expert reports and opinions.

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