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NAGS Retainer Service

Solomon’s North American Gas Strategy (NAGS) Retainer Service provides clients with timely insights, opinions, and expert advice on the fundamentals that influence the North American natural gas industry—fundamentals that include gas supply and demand, pipelines, storage, prices, and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The NAGS service provides in-depth analysis of key drivers and trends backed by proven methodologies. Supply, demand, and price forecasts are shaped by sound technical analysis, proprietary upstream cost benchmarking studies, and a pragmatic consideration of issues shaping North American gas markets. Included in the service are customized executive briefings, monthly topic reports, and access to expert consultants who will follow up with clients on questions and inquiries.

Subscribers gain an understanding of market drivers and dynamics and benefit from an independent, unbiased forum to discuss business and operational strategies. The following factors differentiate NAGS from the services offered by other industry consultants:

  • Our services are highly customized to focus on individual business needs.
  • Our in-depth analysis provides clear outlooks for years to come.
  • We provide strong technical expertise and private interactive participation.
  • We focus on future forecasts (not history) and the interpretation of issues, not just quantitative analysis and statistics.

Key Reports Include

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