Strategic Energy Advisory

Cost & Production Reports

Cost and production are the focus of the reports in this section.

North American Oil Full Cycle Cost Analysis

(November 2018, 31 pages)

This report provides a detailed analysis of North American oil full-cycle costs not only for tight-oil basins such as the Permian, Bakken, Niobrara, and Eagle Ford but also for selected conventional basins in the states of Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. The report also includes estimations of oil resources as well as full-cycle cost breakdowns for each of the basins. The full-cycle cost breakdowns include finding and development costs; operating costs; costs of capital, royalties, and production taxes; basis differentials to West Texas Intermediate (WTI); and general and administrative (G&A) expenditures. Lastly, the report provides an operational and capital cost assessment for projects in the Gulf of Mexico, Eastern Canada Deepwater, and Canadian Oil Sands.

Impact of Low Oil Prices

(March 2015, 13 pages)

This report analyzes the impact of lower oil prices not only on oil production but on full-cycle oil costs, the shut-in oil price, the economics of oil sands projects, cash flow for growth plays, and drilling. Also analyzed are lower natural gas liquid (NGL) revenues and the economics of liquefied natural gas (LNG) project economics. The size of the considerable resource in four key oil plays is assessed, demonstrating the long-lived low-cost potential of these plays.

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