Solomon Training

Solomon’s public and private seminars focus on improving your company’s performance in the areas of operations and profitability. Our comprehensive training draws from an unmatched library of industry best practices and proven methodologies plus the real-world knowledge of Solomon’s experienced consultants.

These programs, offered through a curriculum structured around Solomon University’s three colleges, rely on the latest teaching methods and adult learning techniques:

  • Technical
  • Planning & Optimization
  • Comparative Performance Analysis™ (CPA™)

Seminars cover important subjects like hydrocarbon loss minimization, optimization of plant operations, energy management, and insights on how to better manage your operations. Solomon University also offers seminars on the skills needed to better manage your personnel and obtain their best performance through improved communications and supervisory techniques. For client companies that participate in Solomon’s CPA studies, seminars are available to help participants gain a better understanding of study results and how to use that information to develop objectives for improving your operations and profitability.

Public Seminars